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  • 69:

    A sexual position in which both parties simultaneously perform oral sex on each other.

  • 8-Ball:

    3.5 grams of cocaine with a street value of approximately $160, but you can usually get it for $120 if you know a guy.

  • A.I.D.S:

    A disease engineered by the government to kill gay people and minorities. Its only known cure is being rich. Before you have a heart attack and start writing us a strongly worded letter, take a deep breath and know we are fucking kidding. Everyone knows the real definition of AIDS is Charlie Sheen.

  • Adderall:

    An amphetamine salt, prescribed to people with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) or lazy college kids who can’t finish their homework.

  • anal:

    The type of sex you have when your boyfriend gets drunk and misses. (AKA being fucked in the butt.)

  • anal beads:

    A sex toy comprised of a series of beads on a string that is placed inside the asshole and slowly pulled out. WARNING: if your necklace smells like shit, it's not a necklace.

  • anal bleaching:

    The act of making a brown asshole white by means of bleaching the skin around the hole. AKA gentrification of the asshole.

  • Angry Dragon:

    Immediately after you cum in a girl's mouth, smack the back of her head and make it come out of her nose, causing her to involuntary do an impersonation of an angry dragon.

  • Apple Splatter:

    Explosive diarrhea.

  • arm candy:

    An extremely attractive partner, male or female, that you bring out in public to make people jealous as fuck.

  • ass clown:

    Someone who makes an ass out of himself by acting like a clown, better described as a social buffoon.

  • asshole:

    1. A place where poop comes out.
    2. The place you get to put your penis on your birthday.
    3. A mean-spirited dickhead.

  • ATM:

    This is an acronym for Ass To Mouth, not something you get your cash out of.

  • Baby's Arm holding an Apple:

    A penis so large that it bears a striking resemblance to a baby's arm holding an apple. This is most common amongst black men so it might be more accurate to say a baby's arm holding a plum.

  • baby daddy:

    The guy who waited too long to pull out. AKA the father of your child.

  • Baby maker:

    A dick.

  • Bacon strips:

    Tan rectangular shit stains left in someone’s underwear.

  • Bait and Tackle:

    Cock and Balls.

  • Balloon knot:

    Clever slang for a wrinkly butthole.

  • Balls deep:

    The act of burying one's penis so far into another human's orifice that all that is left is the balls.

  • Banana hammock:

    A male thong.

  • Barely legal:

    A person just above the legal age of sexual consent. 18 years old in normal society, 16 years old in Kentucky, and 14 in parts of Canada. Jesus, Canada. If only Jared Fogel was Canadian, he might be still selling foot longs instead of taking them. For the record, fucking 14 year olds is super fucked up.

  • Bartender:

    Somebody who sells alcohol at a bar. AKA the only person who really understands you.

  • Bat shit crazy:

    Every woman. EVER.

  • Bath salts:

    Drugs for poor people and inbreeds that will make homeless peoples' faces seem like McDonalds cheeseburgers (side note: if you do bath salts, you have officially failed at life.)

  • Beer:

    A magic elixir that turns sad feelings into happy feelings and makes people more attractive. (side note: if you drink too much beer, it will turn happy feelings into sad feelings and make you less attractive.)

  • Beer goggles:

    A phenomenon that occurs when the consumption of beer turns a three into a ten.

  • Beer Pong:

    the game the guy at the frat house was playing before he raped you.

  • Beer tap:

    A device that pumps beer out of a keg and into your cup.

  • Beastiality:

    1. The act of engaging in sexual relations with an animal.
    2. Something lonely people do when they have too much of two things: time and peanut butter.

  • Big Dick Player:

    An individual who is widely successful. Like-helicopter-pad-on-their-yacht-type successful. (Side note: actually having a big dick is not a requirement.)

  • Bill Cosby:

    The last face you see after you say, "this drink tastes funny."

  • Birth Control Pills:

    Are way more convenient than abortions.

  • Bisexual:

    A person who engages in sexual activities with members of both genders. Something every guy secretly wishes his girlfriend is.

  • Bitch:

    Kristen McNeilson. She said she would go to my 6th grade "Under the Sea" dance with me, but she showed up with Justin Ellis instead. FUCK THAT BITCH.

  • Black Light:

    A black person holding a flashlight. HA! Seriously though, it's a super cool ultraviolet light that makes fluorescent colors glow, optimal for stoney music listening sessions.

  • Blackout Drunk:

    The act of drinking alcohol to such excess that it erases your memories from the night before. What every guy "says" he was when he cheated on his girlfriend. Take it from us ladies, he remembers EVERYTHING. As a matter of fact, is he in the room with you right now? Stare at him. Just stare at him. Is he getting nervous? Is he uncomfortable? Good. Dump that lying cheating fuck.

  • Black Tar:

    Cheap Mexican Heroin.

  • Blindfold:

    A piece of fabric or silk that is placed over the eyes to block one's vision. Spoiler Alert: if your partner is into wearing a blindfold during sex, they're not kinky; you're just ugly.

  • Bloody Mary:

    Breakfast of champions.

  • Blow:

    Slang for cocaine. Also, a dope ass Johnny Depp movie.

  • Blow a load:

    When semen shoots out of the tip of a man's penis like confetti.

  • Blow job:

    When a penis is sweetly suckled upon. Appropriately named because a woman would rather work a 12-hour shift at her job than actually give you one of these.

  • Blow up doll:

    An inflatable sex toy that resembles a surprised Asian.

  • Blue balls:

    When a man's testicles become swollen and sore from storing too much ejaculate.

  • Blueberry Kush:

    A strain of marijuana that will get you so high you will think you turned into the blueberry from the Fruit of the Loom commercials.

  • Blumpkin:

    The act of getting a blow job while taking a shit. (Side note: if your girl gives you one of these, marry her.)

  • Bondage:

    The act of restraining someone during sex by using straps and ties.

  • Bong:

    A device used for smoking marijuana. Or, if you ask your mom, it's that funny smelling vase in your room.

  • Bonnaroo:

    1. A music festival.
    2. A good place to take drugs.

  • Boob job:

    A surgical procedure wherein a woman gets her breasts enlarged in order to charge more for her lap dances.

  • Booty call:

    Inviting someone over for the sole purpose of sexual relations. Pretty much any guy that calls you past 10 P.M. and asks you to "Netflix and chill."

  • Box of Wine:

    Nothing says high class quite like cheap wine in a cardboard box.

  • Brazilian Fart Porn:

    A type of pornography where Brazilian women fart in each others' faces.

  • Brazilian wax:

    When a girl waxes her pubic hair completely off. (Side note: If your boyfriend insists on you having one of these, he may or may not be a pedophile.)

  • Breaking and entering:

    Unlawfully entering someone else's property. Also known as how crackheads spend their weekend.

  • Brown bagging:

    When someone is too ugly to fuck, but you're too horny to care. This is a clever work around. Place a brown bag over the hideous fucker's face and enjoy.

  • Buck wild:

    Turning the fuck up, or scientifically known as "getting cray."

  • Bucking Bronco:

    The act of fucking a girl from behind, firmly gripping her breasts, and whispering something horrendous in her ear that will cause her to buck like a bronco (Example: "You have herpes too, right?")

  • Bukkake bath:

    When a girl is buried in the sand up to her neck, leaving only her head exposed, while a small army of distinguished gentleman unleash a torrent of seminal fluids upon her nubile head.

  • Bull dyke:

    A lesbian that looks like she could beat the shit out of your dad.

  • Bullet:

    An ingeniously small apparatus from which to snort cocaine.

  • Burning man:

    An art and music festival in the Nevada desert. I went to burning man this year...Or wait, was it four years ago? Or wait, am I there now? I haven't come down yet.

  • Bust a Nut:

    When a guy cums so hard it feels like he cracked his nut in half.

  • Butt pirate:

    Adorable slang for a homosexual man.

  • Butt plug:

    A sex toy that's placed in the butt. Think about it like a pacifier for your anus.

  • Butter face:

    When her body is smoking hot, "butter face" is jacked up.

  • Butter your Muffin:

    Generously glazing the outside of a woman's vagina with semen.

  • Camel toe:

    A vagina wedgie so severe that it resembles the toe of the friendly and majestic animal known as the camel.

  • Canadian Home Invasion:

    When your partner fucks you with a denim strap on and uses maple syrup for lube.

  • Candy Kids:

    Ravers adorned in a fuck-ton of plastic, beaded jewelry known as "candy."

  • Carpet muncher:

    An individual who performs the act of cunnilingus, aka oral sex, on a woman.

  • Cat in the tub:

    The act of shoving your balls into another person's asshole. This highly elusive and technical sex move got its name because it is a difficult as keeping a cat in a tub.

  • Cheesy One-liner:

    What the D-bag at the bar says before he slips a roofie in your drink.

  • Chicks with dicks:

    A man with breast implants.

  • China White:

    Really pure heroin.

  • Chocolate starfish:

    Adorable slang for a butthole.

  • Choke the chicken:

    The act of a man ferociously masturbating.

  • Circle Jerk:

    When several men sit in a circle and jerk the man to the right of them off, thus creating a geometric sexual horror.

  • Cleaning the Pipes:

    When a man cums out of sheer necessity because it has been far too long.

  • Cleveland steamer:

    When you shit on a girl's chest. (Side note: if a girl lets you do this to her, we are guessing her father wasn't around much.)

  • Coachella:

    A great place to take drugs. I think there might be music there as well.

  • Coat Hanger Abortion:

    The cheapest and most effective way to not have a baby.

  • Cock block:

    What every chick's FUGLY friend is.

  • Cock gobbler:

    An individual who thoroughly enjoys the practice of putting cocks into their mouth.

  • Cock ring:

    Before there was Viagra, there was the cock ring. This little gem would trap whatever blood you could muster into your penis and hold it there so you could at least fake an erection.

  • Cock smack:

    The act of being smacked in the face by a penis.

  • Coca Leaf:

    The first step in a long process that starts somewhere in Columbia, and eventually ends with you needing to poop and then telling anyone around you a bunch of annoying, pointless stories. BEST. NIGHT. EVER.

  • Coke straw:

    The apparatus through which cocaine is snorted.

  • Colt 45:

    I'm not saying only black people drink colt 45.....but mostly black people drink colt 45.

  • Condom:

    A way to totally ruin sex for the dude. So you chicks can understand, it's like the equivalent of getting a back rub while wearing a leather jacket. Come on, just look at him. He doesn't look like he has any STDs. I'd trust him.

  • Cork screw:

    A sex move that is the American equivalent of the Swedish helicopter.

  • Corn hole:

    Slang for a butthole. You will fully comprehend the origin of this slang a few hours after eating an ear of corn on the cob. #Vomit

  • Cougar:

    A hot old woman who fucks young dudes.

  • Crabs:

    Not the type you order at a seafood restaurant. These disgusting creatures live in your pubic hair.

  • Crack:

    Who knew that adding baking soda could take cocaine from a fun Friday night to a life-ruining event?

  • Crack baby:

    When a pregnant woman smokes so much rock, she turns her umbilical cord into a crack pipe.

  • Crack house:

    An abandoned home where crackheads gather to discuss current affairs and smoke crack.

  • Crack pipe:

    An apparatus from which crack is smoked.

  • Crack whore:

    A woman who trades sex for crack.

  • Cream pie:

    When a woman pushes cum out of her asshole.

  • Crossing swords:

    When two dudes gingerly touch tips.

  • Cum bubbles:

    The act in which a man empties his load into a girl's mouth, and then the adorable little scamp begins to blow bubbles with his cum.

  • Cum dumpster:

    A girl whose vagina has become a receptacle for copious amounts of a wide variety of different men's semen.

  • Cum in the back door:

    The act of blowing one's load inside the petite and cozy orifice known as the anus.

  • Cunnilingus:

    The masterful and delicate art of licking the vagina.

  • Cunt Punt:

    Opposite of a dick kick.

  • D.V.D.A.:

    One of the most elusive and dangerous sex acts of all time. D.V.D.A. refers to double vaginal, double anal. Which, if you're doing the math correctly that means 7 cocks in 3 holes...wait, that's not right. Damn you public education system.

  • Date Rape:

    In addition to pudding eating and sweater wearing, one of Bill Cosby's favorite hobbies.

  • Dental dam:

    A Saran Wrap-like substance placed over the vagina allowing you to lick that diseased cooter without coming away with face AIDS.

  • Diaphragm:

    A small trampoline placed inside a woman's vagina. This does not prevent pregnancy, but it does give the sperm something to do for a while.

  • Diarrhea:

    Peeing out of your butt.

  • Dick cheese:

    The cheddery build up inside the foreskin of an unwashed, uncircumcised penis. WARNING: Not to be spread on crackers.

  • Dick lips:

    Voluptuous lips that would feel truly divine cascading down the shaft of an erect penis.

  • Docking:

    A sex move that involves two men, one of which must be uncircumcised. They will stand across from one another and touch the erect tips of their dicks against one another. The uncircumcised man will then roll his foreskin over the dick of the uncircumcised man, effectively "docking" onto the other man's penis.

  • Dominatrix:

    A woman who sexually dominates a man, usually through humiliation and bondage.

  • Donkey punch:

    More of sex crime than an actual sex move. This refers to when a man is fucking a woman from behind and punches her in the back of the head, forcing her to caw like a donkey.

  • Donkey show:

    The infamous Tijuana donkey show refers to a woman fornicating with a donkey. A group of lost souls actually pay to watch it.

  • Double fisting:

    Refers to that highly-motivated and forward-thinking individual who is holding a drink in each hand.

  • Double team:

    When two men bang the same chick at the same time.

  • Douche bag:

    Somebody who is an absolute embarrassment to him or herself, yet completely oblivious to the fact of how tragic they are. Think Kanye West.

  • Drug cartel:

    The reason you can find cocaine within a 10-mile radius of where you are right now.

  • Drug dealer:

    The person whose number you've deleted out of your phone over a dozen times. You swear you're never going to call him again. Then you've had three drinks and now you're texting me asking what his number is. I just gave it to you last weekend, Steve. Man up and quit pretending you don't like drugs.

  • Dutch oven:

    The unsettling, yet pleasant experience of farting in a blanket and then pulling it over your head.

  • Eating out:

    Slang for licking a girl's vagina.

  • Eating the placenta:

    What Tom Cruise did to Katie Holmes.

  • Edible underwear:

    Underwear you can eat off of your lover. It may be edible, but it isn't going on any menus anytime soon. That shit's gross.

  • Edward 40 Hands:

    An infamous drinking challenge wherein a brave soul duct tapes two 40-ounce malt liquors into each hand and cannot remove them until the beverages are finished.

  • Electric Daisy Carnival:

    1. A music festival.
    2. A good place to take drugs.

  • Eye fucking:

    The act of deeply penetrating someone with a sexual gaze.

  • Facial:

    When a male shoots a series of seminal strings containing around 180 million would be children on a female's face.

  • Family jewels:

    Clever slang for testicles.

  • Fart:

    That thing you hold in for the first two months that you're dating somebody.

  • Feltching:

    A four-step process described below:
    1. Deposit semen into asshole (typically by ass-fucking).
    2. Retrieve straw.
    3. Insert straw into semen-infested asshole.
    4. Suck semen out of asshole through straw.

  • Fetish:

    A sexual obsession of abnormal sexual activities.

  • Finger bang:

    TThe act of penetrating a woman's vagina with the fingers. Or what your fourteen-year-old daughter is letting their crush do to them while you play our game.

  • Fire Arms:

    The thing that starts and stops every school shooting.

  • Fire Crotch:

    Ginger pubes.

  • Fireball:

    A cinnamon flavored whiskey.

  • Fish taco:

    A smelly vagina.

  • Fishnet stockings:

    A sexy undergarment, most commonly worn by hookers and all chicks on Halloween.

  • Fisting:

    The act of placing your fist into a woman's vagina or anus. Basically, what you're going to have to do with a chick if she ever dated Shaq.

  • Flesh light:

    A rubber vagina, attached to the end of a flashlight-shaped apparatus.

  • Flick the bean:

    Kinda off-putting slang for a woman rubbing her clitoris, I mean really, the last thing I want to think about when I'm down there is Mexican food.

  • Flip Cup:

    A drinking game that is set up like a relay race. Teams must drink the alcohol in their cup, set it on the table and flip it 180 degrees, so it lands on the rim before the next person on their team can attempt this bodacious task. The first team to have all players complete this first wins. I feel like we need to bash this harder because we were so ruthless with beer pong. So lets say; Flip Cup, The only thing you learn at community college.

  • Foreplay:

    Spitting on your hand and rubbing it on the puss so the D slides in easier. Ha! Foreplay is pretty much all the awesome stuff you do to a person before commencing the act of sexual intercourse. (Fun little side note: If you do it right, you don't even need to spit on your hand; that shit is ready to go!)

  • Frank and Beans:

    Appropriate and rather hilarious slang for dick and balls.

  • Freebase:

    Smoking cocaine. I just vomited in my mouth typing that out. Don't smoke cocaine, children. Snort it like classy people do.

  • Friends with Benefits:

    A friend you have sex with outside the parameters of a traditional relationship. WARNING: Guys, she says she is cool with this, but she is not. She is literally counting the times you guys bang and once it reaches whatever threshold she has set in her head, you are her boyfriend. Let me put it like this: If you look around and you both are chilling in your PJ's, eating take-out, watching a movie and banging, you're dating.

  • Fucktard:

    Somebody who is just so fucking retarded.

  • Fudge packer:

    Hilarious and juvenile slang for gay men. See, some clever individual equated poop with fudge, and packing with the fact another man rams his dick inside the butt where the "Fudge" is, inadvertently packing it in there. Ahh, the times we live in....magical.

  • Furry:

    An individual who likes to get dressed in a large, furry animal costume and fuck...hard.

  • G-Spot:

    A spot in the vagina, that, if stimulated, will make a woman cum so hard she will look and sound like she has Down Syndrome.

  • Gape:

    The act of spreading a bodily orifice open as wide as it will go.Gay bar:

  • Gay bar:

    A place where gay people go to socialize with one another.

  • Gaydar:

    Slang for someone's ability to tell if someone is gay or not without even asking.

  • Gear:

    Terminology for drug paraphernalia used for shooting heroin.

  • Gift Giver:

    Someone who purposefully gives someone an STD.

  • Glock:

    A type of gun.

  • Golden shower:

    The act of peeing on someone, or how R. Kelly spends a Tuesday.

  • Grape Ape:

    A strain of Marijuana.

  • Hairy Pie:

    Slang for a woman with an excessively hairy vagina. Any woman in a 70's porn flick.

  • Hand job:

    An unacceptable substitute for a blowjob.

  • Handcuffs:


  • Happy ending:

    A massage that ends in an orgasm and usually a poor Asian woman crying in a back room wondering how her life ended up this way.

  • Hate crime:

    A crime perpetrated on another human being based on their race, religion or sexual orientation. usually committed by highly educated and spiritually evolved individuals...in case my tone was lost through art of the written word, that was sarcasm.

  • Herpes:

    You have it.

  • Hitman:

    A person who makes a living killing other people. Sounds pretty terrible. I'm guessing their childhood left a bit to be desired.

  • Hole in one:

    Screwing a chick on the first date.

  • Home wrecker:

    Dat otha bitch!

  • Homosexual:

    A person who is solely attracted to members of the same gender.

  • Honey dick:

    A man who uses his sexual prowess to manipulate people.

  • Hooker:

    A woman who rents out her vagina in small time increments.

  • Hung like a horse:

    Referring to a male's genitals that are as large as a horse's. I would just like to say, no thank you. I mean, let's be honest, when's that last time the bottom 3 inches of their dick were inside anything? If you were cold, you wouldn't put on half a sweater, would you? No, I'm fine with my average-sized penis. If anything, I envy dudes with small dicks. They can get balls deep in a belly button.

  • Ice:

    Slang for METH.

  • Jack rabbit:

    A sex toy that is replacing boyfriends across the world.

  • Jailbait:

    An underage girl who looks like a fully developed woman.

  • Japanese Octopus Porn:

    Ok, so we were sitting in the office thinking of cards for the game, and I was like "Lets just make some crazy shit up, like Japanese Octopus Porn." And as it turns out, its a fucking thing! It exists! I don't know why I was surprised that a culture that is okay showing you shitting on a school girl, but blurs out pubic hair would have something like this, but I was. So Google it.

  • Jelly donut:

    The act of cumming in someone's mouth then punching them in their nose so the cum and blood mix like jelly. I'm just gonna go ahead and say these people belong in jail.

  • Joint:

    A marijuana cigarette.

  • Jungle juice:

    1. A delicious and inebriating concoction consisting of the ball sweat and sperm of a CHUKOTKO TRIBESMAN.
    2. A delicious and inebriating concoction consisting of the last few ounces of various bottles of hard liquor, some powdered fruit juices and (optionally) the ball sweat and sperm of a CHUKOTKO TRIBESMAN.

  • Junk in the trunk:

    Slang for an ample Gluteus Maximus.

  • Just the tip:

    A reference to when a man just puts the tip of his penis inside of a vagina. A sheer impossibility, like saying just one Pringle, or just one line, or just one episode Game of Thrones.

  • K-Hole:

    The dream-like state one gets caught in when doing ketamine.

  • Kama Sutra:

    A super old book that is the equivalent of Googling different ways to fuck.

  • Keg:

    A large metal barrel filled with liquid reasons to eat Jack In The Box at 3am.

  • Keg stand:

    The act of being held upside down while you drink directly out of the keg for at least 10 seconds. (Hint: This is never impressive nor hard to do. This is not Top Gun -- you being "inverted" isn't going to get you laid by your super hot instructor. Maybe if Highway to the Danger Zone is playing then fine. But only maybe.)

  • Key bump:

    A small amount of cocaine that is to be snorted of the end of a key. Classy.

  • King's Cup:

    A drinking game that gets you super turnt.

  • Kiss ass:

    Someone who is overtly nice to another person in order for personal gain, or because they are infatuated with them.

  • Landing strip:

    A little runway of pubes directly above the vagina that carefully catches your cock snot after you pull and bust.

  • Lap dance:

    Traditionally it's when a stripper dry-fucks you to weird European techno or kick ass 80's rock "n" roll. I have the most amazing story about my first lap dance. If we can get 100 people to post "Tell me your lap dance story, Adam" on the Draw What?! Facebook page, I will post it up. Trust me, it's fucking amazing.

  • Laying carpet:

    Slang fo fuckin.

  • Leather Cheerio:

    Ingenious slang for an extra wrinkly butthole.

  • Lemon party:

    An orgy comprised of senior citizens. I mean like old old. I mean like the type of old where the neck skin hangs so loose it looks like a vagina below the face.

  • Lingerie:

    What every guy gets his chick for Valentine's Day. Come on fellas, be original. That woman right there puts your filthy dick in her mouth. She deserves a fucking trip to Bali or diamond fucking slippers or some shit. Step up.

  • Lube:

    WD-40 for genitals.

  • M.I.L.F.:

    An acronym for MOM I'D LIKE TO FUCK.

  • Mac Daddy:

    Isn't this the kid from Kriss Kross who died? Or was that Daddy Mac? Fuck, now I want a Big Mac for some reason. Damn my brain.

  • Magnum:

    Condoms for well endowed humanoids.

  • Make it rain:

    The act of making money rain down upon a group of people - usually strippers - I'm not rich enough to make it rain, but I have been known to make it hail, which means I just throw change at people.

  • Man juice:

    Slang for cock spunk or gorilla tears, or dick glue, or semen.

  • Mangina:

    When a man tucks his cock n bulls in between his legs, making it appear as though he has a vagina from the front and Godzilla-like hemorrhoids in the back.

  • Meat hammer:

    Slang for Chris Hemsworth's penis. He sure is dreamy.

  • Meth head:

  • Meth lab:

    Pretty much any place east of San Bernardino and west of Vegas.

  • Micropenis:

    When your penis resembles a pistachio in both length and girth.

  • Midget Handjob:

    When a little person gives you an old fashioned. (Side note: Your dick will look huge!)

  • Midget orgy:

    A bunch of little people going to town on one another.

  • Mile high club:

    The act of fucking in an airplane while it sails that big blue ocean in the sky.

  • Missionary:

    The only way your grandpa ever banged your grandma. Your poor granny, I bet she would have loved a doggy pounding with a hair pull, maybe a gentle hand choker from time to time. Oh well.

  • Mistress:

    You know the chick in elementary school that was always jealous of what you had for lunch and would take it when you weren't looking? Well, this is that bitch all grown up and instead of Push Pops, she's taking your man's dick.

  • Molly:


  • Money over Bitches:

    Ahh, glorious hip hop references. This clever adage comes from men placing more importance on monetary gains than the need for female companionship.

  • Moobs:

    When a fat dude got titties

  • Moonshine:

    What rednecks drink, and it will fuck you the fuck up!!!

  • Moose knuckles:

    The visual effect made by a man's separated testicles (but intact beanbag) when he free balls it while wearing jeans or shorts that are too tight. Due to the extreme compression of skin created by the poorly fitting clothing, his man bits no longer resemble circular sperm factories, but rather the engorged knuckles of Alaska's favorite member of the deer family.

  • Morning wood:

    When a guy wakes up with an erection. Otherwise known as the reason I have to clean pee off my bathroom floor every morning. You will never understand the struggle ladies, but peeing with a boner is almost impossible. You have to stand like five feet away from the toilet, estimate that your trajectory will hit the bowl, then bend your cock in half so it's no longer admiring the ceiling. Even after taking all these precautionary steps, it might as well be like someone popped a piss-filled water balloon in your bathroom. It literally defies physics how pee comes out of your dick. One time, I literally had pee come out of my dick, go up and backwards and hit me in the fucking stomach!! How in the fuck is that even possible?! I'm not saying it's as hard as childbirth, but it's damn close and we have to do it everyday so.... Keep that shit in mind.

  • Mosquito bites:

    Small ass titties.

  • Mother fucker:

    The only line in Samuel L. Jacksons movies.

  • Motor boat:

    Rubbing your face in ample boobage.

  • Mud Baby:

    Mud Baby! Ahhh we are most certainly going to get letters about this one. A mud baby is a mixed race baby. For you Harry Potter fans, its like a Muggle with out the magic.

  • Muff diver:

    Someone who licks up on tha va-jajules

  • Muffin top:

    When someone wears jeans that are so tight it pushes their love handles out the top, thus resembling muffins. No joke needed -- the visual is hilarity enough.

  • Mustache ride:

    When a mustached gentleman allows a naked woman to sit on his face and wiggle.

  • Narc:

    Tattle tales.

  • Necrophilia:

    The act of fucking a dead person.......WTF!

  • Nip slip:

    Janet Jackson's legacy.

  • Nipple clamps:

    A sex toy that clamps down on the nipples.

  • Nipple tassels:

    Pom poms for your ta ta's.

  • No Pants Dance:

    Sophomoric slang for sex.

  • Nut up or Shut up:

    Um I know this expression means like, "Step up and be a man or stop complaining", but to me I just hear "Cum or stop talking".

  • Old Fashioned:

    A hand job, or a drink at a bar.

  • One-night stand:

    Fun math challenge: Ask your chick how many one-night stands she has ever had, multiply it by 13 and you will arrive at the actual number of random dicks that have caressed her inner walls. Dudes ask your Bro how many one-night stands he has had. Divide that by 8 and you will arrive at the actual number of random bar chicks that lying sack of shit has actually banged.

  • Orgy:

    Its like a party where everyone is inside of ANYONE.

  • P.M.S.:

    That time of month where your sweet little girlfriend turns into a fire-breathing demon who cascades tsunamis of bitchery over your frightened and shivering body. The only way to kill this demon, you ask? Ben and Jerry's coupled with a healthy dose of keeping your fucking mouth shut.

  • Party Animal:

    "Why do you want to listen to the stereo while you're watching T.V?" "Cause I like to party" shake n bake.

  • Party Punch:

    A big bowl of juice laced with booze.

  • Pearl necklace:

    When a dude leaves a string of small pearl-like semen deposits across someone's neck.

  • Penis pump:

    A device for people who believe adding vacuum pressure to your dick will make it bigger. (Spoiler alert: it won't.)

  • Pervert:

    My kinda people.

  • Phone sex:

    You see children, back before there was Facetime, or Snapchat, or I.M., or the internet, or skype, people had to use this device known as a phone -- not an iPhone, but a phone -- and they would call to hear a large Samoan woman describe herself as a petite blond with big tits and a small waist while breathing heavily into the phone while they tugged on their unit.

  • Pickle tickle:

    Touching up on a dick.

  • Pigs:

    I'm not sure I know this one. So I'm just gonna say ugly chicks. That seems kinda harsh, right? I mean, everyone is beautiful; unfortunately, most people aren't attractive. Ohh, cops. how did I miss that?

  • Pillow biter:

    Slang for a power bottom.

  • Pimp:

    An entrepreneur who makes his living in the lucrative vagina trade.

  • Pimp slap:

    How a pimp asserts his dominance. I've personally always been more of a catch-more-bees-with-honey-type of person but to each their own.

  • Pineapple express:

    Good movie, better weed.

  • Pitching a tent:

    When a dude pops a chub in his pants, creating a tent-like aesthetic.

  • Playboy bunny:

    The only chicks who can get away with posing nude in a magazine with out it being labeled porn.

  • Pocket pussy:

    A sex toy that is a plastic portable vagina you keep in your pocket. If your life really requires that you have one of these, please seek counseling. There is a better way to live.

  • Pocket rocket:

    A small vibrator that chicks carry around with them. If your life requires you to have one of these, call me.

  • Pole Jockey:

    God we are really laying into the gays, aren't we? Geez. Alright, I would just like to say that the reason we have things like bull dyke and pole jockey in here is they are just really funny things to draw out. Like, draw a pole then draw a jockey. Fucking hilarity. But in all honesty, we love the gays and we really appreciate everyone involved just being good sports here. What is life without the ability to laugh at the ugly things like bigotry, racism and rape jokes. Love, respect and peace to all, especially the pole jockeys.

  • Pony play:

    When someone enjoys living the life of a pony.

  • Poop chute:

    Daaaaaaa butthole.

  • Pop a cherry:

    A term used when a girl breaks her hymen. Or when someone (or something) else does it for her.

  • Porcelain pony:

    What my grandma collects???

  • Porn star:

    Unlike being a prostitute who gets paid to have sex, which is illegal, a porn star gets paid to have sex whilst being filmed which is totally legal. God bless America.

  • Pot brownies:

    Brownies with pot in them. If you eat too many, you may call the cops on yourself.

  • Pot head:

    Someone who smokes copious amounts of doobage.

  • Pound cake:

    Slang for vagina that I made up myself thank you very much.

  • Power hour:

    A drinking game where you have to take a shot of alcohol every minute for a full hour. The last time I played this, I wet my bed. My chick was pissed. Figuratively and very literally.

  • Premature ejaculation:

    When a dude busts before he even breaches the entrance of your vagina.

  • Pussy whipped:

    When a man is so intoxicated by a woman's pussy he does whatever she asks him to.

  • Quarters:

    A drinking game in where you bounce quarters into a shot glass. (Cue "Summer of '69", by Brian Adams. "those were the best days of my life".)

  • Queef:

    When the small unicorn that lives inside your vagina sneezes.

  • Quickie:

    Slang for a quick bang session. This is really only applicable to women because anything after two pumps is a new record for most dudes.

  • Rapist:

    A horrendous turd shooter of a human being who doesn't even deserve to be referred to as a piece of shit. #BrockTurner

  • Rat bastard:

    I assume what gangsters in the 1920's would say to insult someone.

  • Raw dog:

    Referring to traditional sex, where there isn't a piece of chemically laced latex choking the life and sensation out of your dick.

  • Reach around:

    When someone puts their finger in your butt while going down on you. For me, the success of this move is highly dependent on finger choice. I'm not going to smack away a kinky pinky, but you try to give me your old tack pusher of a thumb in my bum, we's gonna have an issue.

  • Reefer madness:

    An old school movie about getting high.

  • Reverse cowboy:

    When a chick rides your dick facing away from you. An optimum position for lazy dudes with an ugly girlfriend.

  • Rim job:

    The noble act of licking the butthole or feverishly tonguing one's partner's balloon knot.

  • Road head:

    When a guy is receiving head while driving, I say guy because this move is virtually impossible to perform on a female, unless your face is the seat of the car.

  • Rock out with your cock out:

    What I am doing right the fuck now.

  • Rolling:

    Slang for someone who is high on Ecstasy or Molly. (Hint: If someone is giving themselves a back rub with the pupils of a great white shark and has told you they love you 45 times in the past 5 minutes, they are rolling and you should be jealous of them.)

  • Rolling papers:

    Its like the tortilla to the marijuana burrito.

  • Roofies:

    What Bill Cosby calls tic tacs.

  • Running a train:

    When one dick just wont do, when two dicks just wont do, when three dicks just wont do, when four dicks just wont do, when five dicks just wont do, you get where this joke is going and my copier is low on toner so fill in the blanks.

  • Rusty trombone:

    What happens to your dick after you bang your chick while she's having shark week.

  • S&M:

    Watch Pulp Fiction, the scene with the gimp. That's pretty much in the vicinity of what we are talking about here.

  • Salty surprise:

    When a dude busts in your mouth without warning you first.

  • Sausage fest:

    A party with only dudes. Or a super delicious festival in Germany.

  • Scamming:

    When someone is deceitful for their own benefit and your own disadvantage.

  • Scandal:

    OH M GEEEZ! An amazing show starring Kerry Washington.

  • Scat Olympics:

    As if shitting on someone wasn't enough, here comes the Scat Olympics to actually make it a competitive sport. I wonder if people can get sponsored. Like by Colon Blow or Ex Lax.

  • Scissoring:

    When two vaginas make out with each other, creating a scissoring effect with the legs.

  • Sex dungeon:

    This can be a good thing, or a very bad thing. Good if you are there by your own choice, bad if you wake up here and see the man from the parking lot at the grocery store who asked you if his napkin smelt like chloroform.

  • Sex on the beach:

    A delicious drink. Actual sex on the beach is a fucking rough hang. Sand is a very painful lube.

  • Sex palace:

    Charlie Sheen's house!

  • Sex swing:

    A sex toy that combines the adult act of fucking with the childlike whimsy of a playground.

  • Sex tape:

    That thing you thought would be such a good idea to make until you watch it. Then you realize you need to hit the fucking gym like ASAP.

  • Sexting:

    This is my impression of what sexting with Shakespeare would be like. "Curious fair maiden, stroke thine dominant hand upon my package, blossoming my erection anew, and do so with such fervent tenacity that I come to fruition all over your splendorous brow." Send.

  • Shank:

    A prison-made blade used for cutting rats with long tongues who be dropping facts to the jakes.

  • Shart:

    When you go to fart, but your butthole has other plans and you have to find an un-awkward way to excuse yourself from Thanksgiving dinner and come back with a believable and acceptable excuse as to why you are wearing new pants and have just taken a shower.

  • Shit faced:

    Someone who is so fucking wasted that their face looks like they have to take a painful shit.

  • Shocker:

    Two in the pink, one in the stink.

  • Shots:

    The reason you came into work an hour late and got fired.

  • Shrooms:

    A fungus that, if ingested in the appropriate quantity, will take you on a magical and spiritual journey. If ingested in the wrong quantity, it will make you freak the fuck out, get into a kung fu match with a stop sign and run down the street screaming, "I can taste colors!"

  • Side boob:

    When a boob is popping out the sides of a dress or tank top. (RULE: If you are showing side boob, do not get mad if I look at side boob.)

  • Side saddle:

    How lazy people bang each other.

  • Ski polling:

    Dual hand jobbage.

  • Skidmarks:

    What is left in your underwear after a night of Korean BBQ.

  • Sloppy seconds:

    When a dude sleeps with a chick after she has already had the pound put on her by one of the boys. The last thing your peen sees before it enters the recently pounded remains of a once-fresh va-jee-jay.

  • Slut:

    A term used by sexually frustrated haters to describe females they are jealous of.

  • Smoking pole:

    Engaging in fellatio, blow job, giving head. In other words, making your boyfriend very, very happy.

  • Sniffing glue:

    How elementary school kids get turnt.

  • Soap on a rope:

    Literally a piece of soap on a rope. The origin of this term comes from a nugget of prison humor that suggests if you drop the soap in the prison shower, your likelihood of being sodomized will increase exponentially.

  • Spank the monkey:

    A reference to male masturbation. I'm curious to know who ever looked at their dick and went "You know, I'll be, the damned thing looks like a monkey". I mean, honestly. Like, I'm looking at my dick right now and there is no way.....actually, wait a sec. Yeah, nevermind -- I see, fucking thing totally looks like a little monkey.

  • Spooning:

    The beautiful act of lying side by side with the person you love in a way that resembles spoons in a drawer. What?! Oh you were expecting me to say something horrible. Fuck that noise, I love spooning.

  • Spread eagle:

    When a woman spreads her legs so wide it pulls her glorious otterbox apart. Aaaaaaand I'm back.

  • Squirter:

    A woman who pees on you when she cums. That's not even a joke; it's science. Google that shit.

  • Stank dick:

    A penis with a left over vaginal residue that has a repugnant odor.

  • Stoner:

    Someone who smokes a fuckton of weed.

  • Strap-on:

    A fake dick on a belt, generally used by lesbians to bang each other with.

  • Strawberry diesel:

    A fruity strain of Marijuana.

  • Streaking:

    The act of running naked in public, also the best scene in one of the best movies ever.

  • Strip club:

    A place for sad dudes who haven't figured out you can see naked chicks on the internet for free.

  • Stripper:

    A woman who is not making the best use of her G.E.D.

  • Study Pills:


  • Suck a bag of dicks:

    When telling someone to suck just one dick simply won't do.

  • Sugar daddy:

    A term for an older gentleman who buys things for a younger woman in exchange for sex. Also, a delicious old school caramel candy they don't make anymore.

  • Super skunk:

    A strain of marijuana that smells like a skunk.

  • Swallow:

    Referring to someone who is willing to swallow the cum while giving oral sex.

  • Sweaty beaver:

    A perspiring vagina.

  • Swingers:

    People in a relationship, but they be cool wit fuckin other people doe.

  • Switch blade:

    According to Donald Trump, a switchblade is what every 5 year old Mexican boy gets for Christmas.

  • Syringe:

    A medical needle used for injecting medication to heal you or drugs that will ruin your life, but make you look pretty hot and skinny for the first few months.

  • T.P. for my bunghole:

    Toilet paper for a butthole.
    Trivia: Who coined the term "T.P for my Bunghole"?
    Hint: It's not as easy as you think!

  • Take one for the team:

    You know your super fugly friend? The one you insist on bringing everywhere so you look so much better by comparison. Yeah, well the person you wanna bang's friend is going to have to jump on that human grenade so you two can mash parts.

  • Taking the Browns to the Superbowl:

    Hilarious slang for pooping!

  • Tall dark and handsome:

    Me, wearing platforms and black face.

  • Tampon:

    A cotton cork to stuff in your baby slide that blocks the remains of what would have been a beautiful child from dripping out of you and ruining your brand new underwear.

  • Tattoo gun:

    The device that gives you a tattoo and a lower statistical probability of finding gainful employment.

  • Tea bagging:

    The sensuous act of lowering your wrinkly ball bag into an open mouth.

  • Teenier:

    A $20 bag of cocaine. Just man up and get a G, there is no way you and your two friends are going to do a line and then go "Well that was fun. No more for me, thank you; lets read a book."

  • Tequila:

    An alcoholic beverage made from cactus that will make you feel like you are invincible and cannot be destroyed.

  • Thai massage:

    The sign says Thai Massage, but the staff says human trafficking.

  • The fuzz:

    Slang for police.

  • Thong:

    Underwear that shows off the ass!!

  • Threesome:

    Let me break down the acceptable forms of threesomes:

    • 2 chicks and a dude.
    • 3 dudes.
    • 3 chicks.

    That's it. The whole 2 dudes & one chick thing seems more like assault than sex.

  • Titty fuck:

    Something that seems like it would be amazing, but then it happens and you're kinda just like, "Meh."

  • Tossing a salad:

    "Having your salad tossed is having your asshole eaten out with jelly or syrup. I prefer syrup". Trivia anyone? Where is that from?

  • Tramp stamp:

    A tattoo on the small of the lower back, that pretty much all say the same thing...."Look mom, you failed!"

  • Transvestite:

    A dude that dresses like a chick

  • Tripping balls:

    Terminology used when one has taken LSD or Mushrooms. One time, I had a conversation with a glass of milk. He was hilarious and delicious.

  • Trojan:

    A leading brand name in making sex lame.

  • Truffle butter:

    If you're bold enough bang her butt first, puss second. Truffle butter will be the tan buildup on the outside of a va jay jay.

  • Turd shooter:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Buttholes are funny.

  • Twerk:

    A sexy dance where women shake their ass, ironically made famous by a skinny white girl who doesn't have one.

  • Twig and berries:

    Hilarious yet childish slang for cock and balls.

  • Two Girls, One Cup:

    An internet video wherein two girls shit into one cup, then eat the shit, then vomit the shit into each other's mouth, then kiss. Honestly, who thinks of this shit?

  • Upper Decker:

    The act of taking a shit in the upper part of the toilet that has the flusher on it.

  • Vaporizer:

    A device that vaporizes the THC in marijuana. Warning: people who vape will torture you with all the facts as to why its so much healthier for you, like you actually give a fuck. They are like the vegans of weed smoking. They will not shut up about it. Oh fuck and god help you if you find yourself with a vegan who vapes. my advice. Kill yourself. its the only way out.

  • Vibrator:

    A plastic sex toy that vibrates.

  • Vic's Vapor Rub:

    Something people rub on themselves when they are sick or rolling BAAAALLLSSS!!

  • Vineyard:

    A place that grows grapes that will eventually be peed out of Desiree.

  • Virgin:

    Someone who has never had sexual intercourse. Any dude over the age of 21 who is still a virgin is prime to become the next mass school shooter. So come on ladies, do your part -- save some lives and fuck that awkward creeper while he talks about his Babylon 5 commemorative plate collection.

  • Voyeur:

    Someone who gets sexually aroused by watching people who are unaware they are being watched. So pretty much one step shy of stalker; two steps shy of serial killer.

  • Walk of shame:

    The act of walking home from a conquest's house after you bang. Likely covered in shame and some other questionable stains.

  • Wedding tackle:

    Clever slang for a dick.

  • Weed:

    Slang for marijuana.

  • Wet dream:

    When your dreams make you cum.

  • Wet t-shirt contest:

    A contest where women wear white shirts that get sprayed with water to expose their titties. The woman with the most popular titties wins. I don't know why, but this feels pretty white trash to me.

  • Whack off:

    The act of stroking your penis to the point it sneezes on your hands, then you go and check your ex's Facebook page and get depressed. Damn, that bitch looks happy.

  • Whip:

    What saved Harrison Ford's career after STAR WARS.

  • Whip your meat out:

    The act of pulling out your cock with the confidence of Kanye West.

  • Whisky dick:

    When you are so drunk that no one can get your dick hard. Not even you.

  • Wine:

    An alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes. Fun Fact: This beverage is solely responsible for Desiree's ability to tolerate living with me.

  • Wizard sleeve:

    Long, distended vagina lips.

  • Wolf crackers:

    The dried up flakes of poo left on a penis after anal sex.

  • Work Jerk:

    The act of masturbating at work. What I may or may not do after lunch every day.

  • Zoophilia:

    From the Latin "zoo," meaning animals; and "philia" meaning "loves to fuck." Zoophilia is the act of loving to fuck animals.